Terms and Conditions 條款與細則

Your use of Nature Thoughts website is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please check these terms from time to time when you visit our website, as the terms may be revised by Nature Thoughts from time to time.

Please read these terms carefully before using this website.  By using this website, it indicates that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned below.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use this website.
1. Use of Materials on This Website

  1. All the information on this website is for your own information and education.  You may download or print one copy of the materials on this website for your own reference without reproducing and distributing them commercially and publicly.
  2. You are not suggested to make any change, amendment and deletion to the material on this website including any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices.
  3. For any unauthorized use of material on this website or violation of the above terms, you are no longer permitted to use any material on this website for your own reference and you may violate the copyright laws or other related laws. 

2. Accuracy of Information on This Website

  1. Nature Thoughts tries to make sure that the information and materials on this website is correct, true and complete. The Company does not guarantee that all the information on this website is up-to-date, error-free and accurate. Your use of the information and materials on this website for your own reference is at your own risk.
  2. Nature Thoughts tries to keep all the descriptions and photographs of products on this website matching the real products in the Company’s store. The Company does not guarantee that the appearances of products (such as shape, size and colour, etc.) in the photographs on this website completely match the appearances of the real products in the Company’s store, due to photographic skills and different resolutions of computer screens. The photographs of products on this website are for reference only. The real products in the Company’s store are considered the standard.

3. Off-site Links

  1. This website may provide off-site links to other sites operated by parties other than Nature Thoughts . Nature Thoughts  is not responsible for the content and accuracy of any of these off-site webpages. You are at your own risk for linking to these off-site webpages.
4. Company Logos
  1. Nature Thoughts reserves all the right of the Company Logos. You are strictly prohibited to use any Nature Thoughts Company Logos shown on this website in any of your own commercial and public activities without the written permission of Nature Thoughts.


使用本Nature Thoughts網站,必須遵守下列條款和條件。請在瀏覽公司網站時定期查閱公司網站使用條款,Nature Thoughts會定期修改這些條款。


1. 使用本網站的資料

  1. 本網站的所有資料只供您個人參考和教育用途。您可下載或打印本網站的資料副本作個人參考用途,但不能以任何方式複製和分發並用於商業和公眾用途。
  2. 你不得對本網站內的任何資料,包括但不限於任何版權、商標或其他所有權聲明作出更改、修正和刪除。
  3. 如您在未經授權下使用本網站內任何資料,或是違反上述任何一條款,你將不允許再使用本網站內任何資料作個人參考用途,你也可能違反版權法或任何相關法例。

2. 本網站資料的準確性

  1. Nature Thoughts努力確保本網站內的所有資料的準確性、真實性和完整性。Heavy-Weather不保證本網站內的所有資料是最新、正確無誤和準確。您需為使用本網站內的任何資料作個人參考用途承擔所有風險。
  2. Nature Thoughts努力確保本網站內公司產品的描述和照片與公司門店的產品原貌吻合。由於攝影技術和電腦顯示器的差異,Nature Thoughts不保證本網站內照片上的產品樣貌(包括形狀、大小和顏色等)與公司門店的產品原貌完全吻合。本網站內的產品描述和照片只作參考,所有產品描 述和產品樣貌皆以公司門店內的為準。 

3. 公司網站以外連結

  1. 本網站可能提供Nature Thoughts以外的其他方網站的連結。Nature Thoughts對於公司網站以外的任何其他網站的內容和準確性不承擔任何責任。您需為瀏覽公司網站以外的任何連結承擔所有風險。 

4. 公司標誌

  1. 公司標誌為Nature Thoughts版權所有。您嚴禁在未經Nature Thoughts書面允許的情況下使用本網站內任何公司標誌作任何個人商業和公眾用途。