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Prairie Dog

Couple Dog

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[原裝進口] 日本製 Pocchi 三重紗布今治手帕100%純棉製造。由3塊紗布組成,體積小巧易於放入口袋和包包中。 它重量輕但柔軟耐用,它很薄但吸水性極好。

尺寸 = 25 x 25厘米
材料 = 有機棉花
原產地 = 日本
[Original import] Japan-made Pocchi handkerchief. Made of 100% cotton. Made of 3 pieces of gauze, it is small and easy to put into pockets and bags. It is lightweight but soft and durable. It is thin but very absorbent.

Size = 25 x 25 cm 
Materials = Organic Cotton
Country of Manufacture = Japan