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Prairie Dog

Designers Japan 3層抗菌口罩收納套 (純收納套版) 3-layer antibacterial mask case (case-only version)

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Prairie Dog 日本設計師設計專用於口罩收納用的收納套,並在材質上加上抗菌功能 (無機抗菌劑)。*** 不包含口罩。

  • 日本製造抗菌材質製成,抑菌效果加倍
  • 日本插畫師繪圖,輕薄設計易於攜帶
  • 收納口罩不亂跑,不再皺巴巴
  • 避免口罩髒污, 維持整潔
尺寸 = 220×115毫米
生產地點 = 日本
Prairie Dog Japanese designers designed the storage case for the mask storage and added the antibacterial function to the material (Inorganic antibacterial).  ***No masks-included

Storage sets features:
  • Made in Japan made of antibacterial materials, double the antibacterial effect
  • Japanese illustrator drawing, lightweight design is easy to carry
  • The mask is not run around and no longer wrinkles
  • Avoid masks and keep it clean
Dimensions = 220×115 mm
Production location = Japan