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Prairie Dog

キャンディフラワー(花園鰻/Garden Eels)

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Designers Japan Shopping Bag上的圖案是由日本藝術家設計的作品。購物袋是可以折疊和存儲的。物料可承受20千克重量。可以放入洗衣機裏清洗。

尺寸 = 53W x 40H 厘米 (使用中) / 16W x 14H 厘米 (摺合中)
物料 = 100% 聚酯

Designers Japan  Shopping Bag is designed by Japanese artists.  Shopping bags can be folded and stored.  Material can withstand 20 kg weight.  Can be placed in the washing machine for cleaning.

Size = 53W x 40H cm (in use) / 16W x 14H cm (Folded)
Material = 100% polyester