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Pinkalicious - Shampoo Bar For Normal Hair (中性髮質) 110g

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與往常一樣,有機,純淨,公平交易的椰子油和可可脂以及其他許多神聖的成分也出現了。 最適合那些頭髮普通的人,並與我們的固體調理劑Wonderbar搭配使用。

  • 100%無皂,pH平衡,對於染髮後的頭髮安全
  • 非常適合普通髮質
  • 相當於3瓶洗髮水
  • 110克(3.88盎司)

Pinkalicious was created to celebrate our 5th birthday, but it was so popular we bought it back, for good! 

Pinkalicious is pink to match our Ethique logo and smells delightfully like pink grapefruit and vanilla - it's the perfect addition to your beauty bar collection.

As usual organic, virgin, fair trade coconut oil and cocoa butter make an appearance, along with a host of other divine ingredients. Best for those with normal hair and paired with our solid conditioner, Wonderbar.

  • 100% soap free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair  
  • Perfect for normal hair types
  • Equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo
  • 110g (3.88oz)