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The Guardian - Conditioner for Dry, Damaged or Frizzy Hair (乾性/受損/捲曲髮質) 60g

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Ethique The Guardian 是為那些頭髮非常乾燥,受損或捲曲的人而創建的。含有大量可可脂,椰子油,維生素B5和濃郁的石灰油,它將馴服您的毛躁,使乾燥的頭髮水合,並使頭髮看起來既光滑又茂密(它無法修復秀發,不可能修復死掉的東西。)The Guardian還可以用作剃須膏或沐浴露。

  • 安全染髮
  • 深層保濕,使頭髮乾燥和/或受損。
  • 相當於5瓶液體調節劑
  • 60克 

The Guardian was created for those people who suffer from very dry, very damaged or frizzy hair.

Containing lots of cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin B5 and zesty lime oil it will tame your frizz, hydrate dry hair and make your hair look smooth and lush (it won't repair your hair, it is impossible to repair something that is dead.) The Guardian can also be used as a shaving bar or an in-shower moisturiser.

  • Safe for colour treated hair 
  • Deeply hydrating for dry and/or damaged hair
  • Equivalent to 5 bottles of liquid conditioner
  • 60g