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April Love

Organic Red Berry Dream Green Tea | 有機紅莓夢綠茶包

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Made in Denmark 丹麥製造

A perfectly balanced, vibrant green tea blended with strawberries, red currants, tart rosehip peels and sweet apple pieces. The invigorating fragrance of green tea alongside the ripe and juicy berry flavours create that perfect ‘sip-back and relax’ summertime garden atmosphere.

Usage Instructions 使用說明:

No. of cups to brew: 4-6
Brewing temperature: 100°C
Brewing duration: 3-4 min.
Reusable: Yes

每包可沖杯數: 4-6
沖茶溫度: 100°C
沖泡時間: 3-4 分鐘
可重複使用: 是

Ingredients 成分:

Green tea*, rosehip peels*, apple bits*, natural flavour, strawberry bits*, red currants*, red cornflower petals*

*Certified organic product of EU agriculture/non-EU agriculture. 

綠茶*, 玫瑰果皮*, 蘋果粒*, 天然果味萃取, 草莓粒*, 紅加侖子*, 紅車矢菊花瓣*