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  • Stojo 12oz cup (Green)
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Stojo 12oz cup (Green)

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Stojo 12oz cup 具有超便攜,防漏,可折疊和可重複使用的特點。 由咖啡愛好者設計,它是一個方便的替代笨重的旅行杯,比一次性杯子更好的環境。

適合各種情況! 將Stojo帶到辦公室,機場,健身房,咖啡館或公園。 非常適合遠足,滑雪,單板滑雪和露營! 一旦你完成飲料,只需塌陷,密封,收起並去!

  • 快速折疊和擴展。
  • 可選的吸管使其成為冰鎮飲料和冰沙的理想選擇。
  • 分解以便於清潔。 洗碗機和微波爐安全。
  • 由安全,可回收材料製成。 沒有BPAs,鄰苯二甲酸鹽,鉛或膠水。
  • 食品級矽膠杯和塞子。 聚丙烯蓋和熱套。
  • 配有熱套,折疊後折疊成杯狀,提供穩定性。
  • 容量:12盎司/ 354毫升
  • 直徑:3.5“
  • 擴展高度:5“
  • 折疊高度:2“
  • 重量:4盎司
      The Stojo 12oz cup is ultra-portable, leak-proof, collapsible, and reusable. Designed by coffee lovers, it's a convenient alternative to bulky travel mugs and better for the environment than disposable cups.

      Suitable for every situation! Take Stojo to the office, airport, gym, cafe, or park. Perfect for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and camping too! Once you’ve finished your drink, just collapse, seal, stow and go!

      Key product features: 
      • Quickly collapses and expands.
      • Optional straw makes it perfect for iced beverages and smoothies.
      • Breaks down for easy cleaning. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
      • Made from safe, recyclable materials. No BPAs, phthalates, leads or glues.
      • Food grade silicone cup and stopper. Polypropylene lid and heat sleeve.
      • Comes with heat sleeve that folds up into cup when collapsed, provides stability.
      • Cup Capacity: 12 ounces
      • Cup Diameter: 3.5"
      • Expanded Cup Height: 5"
      • Collapsed Cup Height: 2"
      • Cup Weight: 4 ounces