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To-Go ware

To-Go ware | RePEaT Utensil Set

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這些可持續的竹製餐具為一次性銀器提供了輕巧,持久的替代品。 此外,每個餐具套均由再生塑料水瓶製成! 在您的書包,雜物箱,午餐盒或書桌上放一套餐具,看看有多少個一次性用具可以通過。


  • 4種顏色可供選擇
  • 套裝包括叉子,刀子,勺子,筷子套

材料:由負責任的天然竹子製成。 用再生PET製成的餐具套


  • 包裝:8.5“ H x 1.85” W x 1.13“ D
  • 器具長度:7英寸(8厘米(寬)x 13厘米(高)厘米)
  • 重量:1.6盎司 / 0.1磅

These sustainable bamboo utensils provide a lightweight, long-lasting alternative to disposable silverware. In addition, each carrying case is made from recycled plastic water bottles! Keep a set in your bag, glove compartment, lunch box or desk, and see how many disposable utensils you can pass by.


  • Available in 4 colors
  • Set Includes Fork, Knife, Spoon, Set of Chopsticks

Materials:  Made of natural, responsibly sourced bamboo. Package made from recycled PET


  • Package: 8.5"H x 1.85"W x 1.13" D
  • Utensil length: 7"h (8cm w x 13cm h)
  • Weight: 1.6 oz. / 0.1 lbs.