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Prairie Dog

Zootto ハンカチ (手帕/Handkerchief)

Regular price HK$26.00
Regular price HK$36.00 Sale price HK$26.00
尺寸 :  約23x23cm
材質 :  100%棉
系列 :  Zootto
生產地區 : 日本
Imabari towel Zootto handkerchief. Imabari towels are both thin and easy to dry, such as towels and soft absorbent towels. A cute design of the penguin or mink shark jellyfish makes you feel like you are in the aquarium. Not for your own use, but also for small gifts and gifts.
Dimension : Approximately 34x34cm
Material : 100% Cotton
Product : Zootto
Place of origin : Japan