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Extended Photographic Material

Camera Cleaning Kit

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Extended Photographic Material has been produced, camera cleaning kit, a reputation from Leica user "Kura CURA" brand of "Kumano camera Yohitsu" "lens dedicated cleaning liquid," "lens cleaning paper cloth," the sense of quality you set some exclusive models. Both appearance of Leica matches, such as the light-shielding dropper bottle vintage leather-like pouch, feel a commitment to every single item.

- Is made ​​a body brush, Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-cho, for the camera in the Kumano-cho in Hiroshima Prefecture, in the locality of making brush, which boasts a 170-year history, accounting for approximately 90% of the whole country of brush production, Sato of Japan in the brush is. 
In particular makeup brushes is acclaimed in the world of cosmetics manufacturer, it has been exported to the adopted around the world. 
Without cutting the hair of the tip, the reverse hair removed, brush skilled craftsmen to make the carefully one by one is very impressive. 
Bristles penetrate up to the details of complicated shapes camera parts, certainly necessary in order to scoop out the dust "strained". 
The amount of hair, is a gem that created the formulation of the hair of the quality changed many times.

Lens dedicated cleaning liquid 
is an optical lens filter cleaner of alcohol-use that has been specially developed. 
Without damaging the target surface, gently clean the dirt. Dirty hands oil also dropped refreshing. 
Alcohol-based non-use of cleaner that since the coating, painting, places that use such as rubber, does not choose the location.

Lens cleaning paper cloth 
by a special production method, to form the ultra-fine fibers of the network structure with the appropriate air gap to the surface. 
As a part of the Wari繊fibers is subdivided to nano size, further the cross-section in a modified cross-section, we scraped the dirt fiber contamination of the micro to the inside from entering.

※ Please do not use the camera's sensor to brush Liquid cross both.