DEEP BLUE (110cm)

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Alligator Lock System是日本Extended Photographic Materials品牌在2019年推出的新系列。是一個花了兩年時間開發的無縫版本。高質量連接部件是與YKK共同開發的。顏色方面有5隻(90'S SPORT/DOG MOUNTAIN/TOKYO BLACK/DEEP BLUE/LAUREN GREEN),長度是110cm,載裝重量可達20kg。售價是$550。一如既往,Alligator Lock System是Made in Japan的!
The new Yosemite Camera Strap, a seamless version that took two years to develop, is finally completed. The highest quality connection parts "ALLIGATOR LOCK SYSTEM" that was born by the joint development with YKK is the presence of the only one which is as strong as the name and pulled out to the strength and details that never bite the rope once.

This season's theme is "PORTLAND FILM LOVER", and it has been a collection inspired by street photographers and various cultures on the stage of long-standing Portland.

The size development is 120 cm, 110 cm, all 8 colors of 3 sizes of hand strap.
Ring guard made of YKK rubber material is included.