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In Your Face - Face Cleanser for Oily-Normal skin 油性至中性皮膚適用潔面皂 120g

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  • 紐西蘭原裝進口
  • 天然植物性原料
  • pH 5.5、酸鹼度與皮膚相近
  • 無皂成分、全素成分、不進行動物實驗
  • 採用可堆肥分解包材,向瓶瓶罐罐說不
In Your Face has had an upgrade and is now more gentle, completely soap free, pH balanced, but still contains salt and orange oils for those of who struggle with problematic skin.

Ever seen how amazing your skin is after swimming in the sea? We have based In Your Face on the sea, most importantly its salt content. IYF is made with Coconut oil, mandarin & sweet orange essential oils and lots of sea salt.

IYF is designed as a face cleanser for all skin type, but works wonders for those with acne and other problematic skin.
  • Face cleanser
  • Soap free & pH balanced
  • Great for those with acne & other problem skin
  • Creates a gentle lather
  • 120g