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SuperStar - Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover 潔面及卸妝皂 70g

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SuperStar! 是一款多任務神奇棒,既適用於所有皮膚類型,尤其適用於乾性皮膚,同時具有洗面奶,保濕劑和卸妝劑的功效。

滑溜的。 結合可可脂,kokum黃油,椰子油和清潔蓖麻油,可令肌膚如絲般柔滑。 甜橙精油有助於分解油脂,使您聞起來超甜
  • 用作洗面奶,保濕劑和卸妝液
  • 所有皮膚類型(尤其是乾性)
  • 超級保濕,不油膩
  • 70克
There really is no other name for this amazing cleansing balm in bar form. SuperStar! is a multi-tasking wonder bar that is both a face cleanser, moisturiser and makeup remover, for all skin types, but especially dry ones.

SuperStar! leaves behind a nice layer of hydration without being slick or greasy. The bar leaves skin silky smooth with its combination of cocoa butter, kokum butter, coconut oil and cleansing castor oil. Sweet Orange essential oil helps break down oil and grease and leaves you smelling super sweet
  • Works as a face cleanser, moisturiser & makeup remover
  • All skin types (especially dry)
  • Super hydrating without being greasy
  • 70g