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So FRESH 天然防蚊噴霧/Insect Repellent Spray

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  • 專有配方比例只選用純植物精油所調製而成,天然、溫和、適合天天使用。
  • 「SGS 國際檢驗機構」評估報告顯示: 本產品安全,大人小孩皆可安心使用。

  • 貼心設計、單手操作便利,輕壓一次、可持續釋出噴霧,旋轉式安全鎖噴頭、不怕誤觸。
  • 簡潔流線設計、輕巧好攜帶、時尚有品味。
透過AAT* 微量噴霧技術、只需輕壓一秒鐘可持續釋出超微米噴霧、瞬間、均勻且完整覆蓋任何物體表面有效驅離蚊蟲、方便使用、減少浪費更環保。
* Advanced Aerosol Technology

* High Performance Packaging Material Technology
Blend of 13 Natural Essential oils to wards off all types of insects and mosquitos.  No artificial scents or any toxic chemicals.  Safe and effective for the whole family. 

Natural and safe
  • Comprised of all-natural essential oils.
  • Certified by SGS: Assessed as safe and suitable for both adults and children.

Unique and effective
Combining 13 unique essential oils to develop the perfect blend. Effectively wards off all types of insects and mosquitos while providing a soothing and refreshing scent.

Stylish Design, Ergonomically Friendly
  • Simple, one-hand operable design. Safety twist lock cap to prevent accidental triggering. Aerosol format for a no-mess application.
  • Scandinavian design, stylish and portable.

Advanced Aerosol Technology, enhanced spray performance
Through AAT*, a continuous release of fine aerosol mist that can be conveniently and evenly dispersed onto any surface to repel insects.
* Advanced Aerosol Technology

Minimized size, Maximized usage
Our High performance packaging material technology (HPPMT) allows us to greatly reduce the product size while retaining a good usage amount and a high quality. Can spray more than 2x that of other similarly sized aerosols
Completely sealed for consistent and guaranteed quality every time it's sprayed.
* High Performance Packaging Material Technology