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  • April Love Teabrewer
  • April Love Teabrewer
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April Love

Raspberry & Fruit Basket Organic Fruit Tea | 有機樹莓果籃果茶包

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Made in Denmark 丹麥製造

Delightful passion fruit notes, complemented by a soft vanilla aftertaste.

Each Teabrewer can provide up to 4 cups of delicious tea, with a recommended brewing time between 4 – 6 minutes, depending on the desired flavour intensity.

每個茶包可以沖最多4杯. 建議沖泡時間4-6分鐘, 視個人口味濃淡而定.

Useful information:
Cups per Brewer: 2-4
Brew temperature: 100°C
Brew time: 4-6 minutes
Reusable: Yes (empty, clean, and refill)

每包可沖杯數: 2-4杯
沖茶溫度: 100°C
沖泡時間: 4-6 分鐘
可重複使用: 是

Ingredients: Apple bits*, lemon peel*, lemongrass*, raspberries*, blood orange*, thistle leaves*, natural flavour, cardamom*, cinnamon* / *Certified organic product from EU agriculture/non-EU country

成分: 蘋果粒*, 橘皮*, 荳蔻果*, 檸檬草*, 蘋果片*, 蘋果條*, 肉桂皮*, 血橙片*, 天然蜂蜜味*, 樹莓*, 紅花花瓣*, 天然杏味, 檸檬香桃* / *已獲歐盟有機認證