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Wallmug Sleek SOREGAII (雙層咖啡杯/Double Wall Mug)

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Wallmug Sleek SOREGAII是用於咖啡迷和旅行者的雙層杯子。 杯子上的SOREGAII人物絕對超級可愛。 即使杯子是由聚丙烯材料製成的,它也可以容納大約幾個小時的熱水。 它也可以與RIVERS Micro Coffee Dripper一起使用。 容量為350毫升,非常適合日常使用。

* 不能使用微波爐。

物料 = 聚丙烯(杯,蓋)/矽橡膠(蓋)
容量 = 350ml
耐熱温度 150℃
耐冷温度 = -40℃
顏色 = Olive / Lead Gray / Beige / Mustard
尺碼 (H x W x D) = 約91mm × 91mm × 1300mm
重量 = 120g
生產地 = 中国
Wallmug Sleek SOREGAII is a double wall mug for coffee fans and travelers.  The SOREGAII characters on the cup is super cute.  Even the cup is made of polypropylene materials, it can hold hot water for a few hours approximately.  It can be used with RIVERS Micro Coffee Dripper as well.  The volume is 350ml and it's ideal for daily use. 

*** Not microwave safe

Material = Polypropylene (cup, lid) / Silicone rubber (cover)
Capacity = 350ml
Heatproof Temperature = 150°C
Cold Resistant Temperature = -40°C
Colour = Olive / Lead Gray / Beige / Mustard
Size (H x W x D) = 91mm x 91mm x 130mm
Weight = 120g
Country of Origin = China