bü screen

隨著防曬噴霧和防紫外線服裝的開發和概念化在馬里布,我們尋找添加到防曬霜的本土成分: 海帶? 海雜草? 然後發現,在Malibu有一種強大美洲原住成分,White Sage(白色鼠尾草)。 鼠尾草油被認為對皮膚擦傷有益,刺激和感染。作為一種抗菌劑,抗病毒劑和抗菌劑。 最令人高興的是鼠尾草有一種“清新”清香氣味。

bu防曬霜含有無香型產品,天然柑橘香味產品,所有SPF 30均提供(96.7%防紫外線),SPF 50提供(98%紫外線防護)。 全部採用太陽能發電下生產,及採用可回收容器。

As bu sunscreen and UV apparel were developed and conceptualized in Malibu, we looked for indigenous ingredients to add to the bu sunscreen; sea kelp? sea weed? then found, a powerful Chumash Native Americans ingredient that grows wild in Malibu, White Sage. Sage oil is believed to be beneficial for skin abrasions, irritations and infections, working as an antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial. Most pleasing of all is the “fresh” clean scent of sage.

 sunscreen has a fragrance free product, a natural citrus scented product and all SPF 30 provide (96.7% UV protection) and SPF 50 provides (98% UV protection). All produced using Solar Power, in recyclable containers.