Extended Photographic Material

Extended Photography Materials 由徠卡攝影師Shinichi Izaki先生和音樂製作人Mr.Tomoyuki Tanaka(FPM)發現,以激發全世界的照片生活方式。 EPM的主導產品是擁有登山繩質數的 “YOSEMITE CAMERA STRAP”。 在歐洲,它被評為“相機帶的傑作”,並在世界各地的LEICA商店銷售。

Extended Photographic Material (EPM) was found by Leica photographer Mr.Shinichi Izaki and music producer Mr.Tomoyuki Tanaka(FPM) to inspire photo life-style to the world. Our EPM’s leading item is “YOSEMITE CAMERA STRAP” which is using actual climbing rope. In Europe it is rated as a “Masterpiece of camera strap”, and selling by LEICA store around the world.