RUEGRASSES於2013年成立,BRING NATURE INTO CULTURE理念,ECO+ART設計概念,加入大自然元素或再生材料,倡導把大自然帶入文化裡,環保心靈找回生命最初的連結。

台灣文創蓬勃發展,孕育TRUEGRASSES茁壯成長;我們以Nature & Culture哲學作為創作依據,產品設計內涵蘊含對大自然環境的關懷與期盼,學習尊敬與大自然溝通,探索Nature & Culture平衡發展關係,為「環保文化」盡一分力量。

Established in 2013, our philosophy: BRING NATURE INTO CULTURE and design concept ECO+ART. Products collaborate natural elements or recycled materials, bringing spiritual soul of nature into culture. Pursue to connect our psyche with the primitive origin of life.

TRUEGRASSES was grown up with flourish creative culture in Taiwan. Our design was inspired and based on philosophy of Nature & Culture. Connoted with environmental concern, learning to revere and commute with nature, reconcile the balance relationship of NATURE & CULTURE. TRUEGRASSES, devoted to contributing in eco culture for the society.