FAQs | 常見問題

How to make contact with you?
For General information, please send to info@naturethoughts.com.
For Questions about your order, please send to order@naturethoughts.com

Where is the location of Retail Showroom?
Address: Unit A206, 1/F., New East Sun Industrial Building, 18 Shing Yip Road, Kwun Tong
Open Hour:20:00 ~21:30 (Mon to Sat)
Phone: 27993476

How to become a member?
All you need to do is placing an order with amount of at least $500. The member discount will be effective from the next order and on.

What are the benefits for members?
Member receives 15% discount off on the products with regular price (no discount) only.

How to create a store account? 

  1. Go to www.naturethoughts.com
  2. Click the REWARDS button on the bottom right corner.

    ***If you are interested in how to receive more points, please click the LEARN MORE button for the list. 
  4. Choose 1 of 3 ways (Facebook/Google/Email) to sign up.
  5. Complete the process and done. 
*** if you register with your email, please remember to verify it. 

How to use the discount code when shopping?

  1. Click the REWARD button and then LOG IN button to login. 
  2. Click the REWARD button again and you should see a list of discount options.  
  3. Click the REDEEM button and then COPY the discount code.  
  4. Now... Start shopping! 
  5. Paste the discount code in Discount code field at checkout. 
  6. Complete the payment and enjoy the member discount.  

When to use the discount code?
The discount code is applicable to the products with regular price (no discount) only. 
Discount code is effective within 24 hours once it created. *** All products under Clearance Sale and Pre-Order section is not applicable. ***

Which payment methods we accept?
We accept Paypal/Credit Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay/Bank Deposit(ATM) and FPS with online purchase. At retail showroom, we accept Cash/EPS/FPS only.

How to get Free Shipping?
Any online order with amount at least $300 or over.
*** This online store will start the "Thank You Festival" discount from November 22, 2021 until further notice. During this period, no free shipping service is provided. Please pay attention to this change!

*** Under the Shipping Method, We provide "順豐到付 SF express cash on delivery" option.  The wording "Free" doesn't mean we provide free shipping.  It's a wording issue with Shopify system that we are having Shopify team to remove it asap.  So, no Free Shipping during the "Thank You Festival".  



一般詢問, 請發電郵到 info@naturethoughts.com.
訂單詢問, 請發電郵到 order@naturethoughts.com

營業時間:20:00 ~21:30 (星期一至六)
電話號碼: 27993476

只需完成一次金額滿$500的購物。 而會員折扣將從下一張訂單開始生效。



  1. 前往www.naturethoughts.com
  2. 按下右下角的REWARDS按鈕。
    ***如果您對如何獲得更多積分感興趣,請單擊列表的LEARN MORE按鈕。
  4. 選擇3種方式之一(Facebook / Google /電子郵件)進行註冊。
  5. 完成過程並完成。

如何於購物時,使用優惠碼(Discount Code)?

  1. 按下REWARDS按鈕,然後按下LOG IN按鈕登錄。
  2. 再次按下REWARD按鈕,您將看到折扣選項列表。
  3. 按下REDEEM按鈕,然後按下COPY按鈕去復制折優惠碼。
  4. 現在...開始購物!
  5. 在結帳時將優惠碼粘貼在Discount code空格內。
  6. 完成付款並享受折扣。

何時使用優惠碼(Discount Code)?
***清倉銷售和預購部分下的所有產品均不適用。 ***

在網站購物,我們接受Paypal /信用卡/ Apple Pay / Google Pay /銀行存款(ATM)和FPS。 而在零售陳列室中購物,我們僅接受現金/ EPS / FPS。

訂單金額至少為$ 300或以上。
*** 本網店由2021年11月22日開始進行"感謝祭"優惠,直至另行通知。這段期間,不提供免運費服務的。 請留意這改動!

*** 請留意,"順豐到付 SF express cash on delivery" 選項中,有"Free"的字眼,但這並不代表本店提供免費到付服務。這是Shopify系統的一個字眼問題,本店已經聯絡Shopify CS,希望會盡快解決!