Food Guard

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Food Guard蓋子是為丟失蓋子問題的解決方案。 一包配有5個19.5厘米(7.7英寸)的食物蓋子,每個蓋子有不同的顏色,紅色,藍色,綠色,黃色和透明,這樣你就可以整理食物和剩菜。 Food Guard材料是獨一無二的。 它類似於矽蛋糕托盤的製作,但更加“粘”,因此它可以抓住並在容器周圍形成氣密密封,確保食物保持新鮮和美味。

BPA-Free, FDA Approved, ROHS-Compliant, Food Grade.

  • 可用於烤箱,微波爐和冷凍櫃,安全溫度範圍為-40°C(-40°F)至+ 230°C(446°F)
  • 洗碗機安全、無限可重複使用可拉伸至其尺寸的2-3倍不會失去強度,形狀或耐用性。永遠!
  • 由類似材料製成的塑料蛋糕托盤。 我們都知道它們是多麼堅不可摧和耐用!
  • 永遠不必再次搜索丟失的蓋子,節省時間。
  • 永遠不必更換蓋子或再次購買保鮮包裝來節省金錢。
  • 重複使用Food Guard可減少染塑料來拯救環境!

The Food Guard Lid is a one size fits all solution to your lost lid problems. One pack of The Food Guard comes with 5 x the 19.5cm (7.7 Inch) Food Guard lids, each in a different color, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Clear, so that you can organise your food and leftovers. The Food Guard material is a unique one. It is similar to what silicone cupcake trays are made from, but is a little more 'sticky' so that it can grip and create airtight seals around containers, making sure the food stays fresh and flavoursome. 

BPA-Free, FDA Approved, ROHS-Compliant, Food Grade.

  • Can be used in the Oven, Microwave and Freezer With a safe heat range from -40 C (-40 F) to +230 C (446 F) 
  • Dishwasher Safe Infinitely Reusable Can stretch to 2 - 3 times its size Will not lose strength, shape or durability. Ever! 
  • Made from similar material to plastic cupcake trays. And we all know how indestructible and durable they are! 
  • Save Time by never having to search for lost lids again. 
  • Save Money by never having to replace lids or buy cling wrap again. 
  • Save the Environment by not polluting plastic by re-using The Food Guard! 

Please be reminded that the Food Guard is not to be used around pointy objects, knives, long fingernails and not to be stretched over 34cm containers.