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售價 價格 $430.00 定價 單價  每 

Thermo Jug KEAT是一款擁有1.3公升大容量的真空保溫壺!壺身是金屬物料,配合櫸木握柄,帶有簡潔日系風格!真空二重構造,可保溫及保冷、四季可用,適合沖泡咖啡茶飲等。寬大瓶口,方便清潔。

物料 = 8-8不銹鋼(主體,蓋子)/聚丙烯(主體,蓋子)/沙灘木(把手)/聚縮醛(蓋子)/矽橡膠(蓋子,把手)/不銹鋼(蓋子,把手)
容量 = 1.3L
保温及保冷效果  = 真空保溫瓶中的保溫效果在1小時內保持在90℃以上,在6小時內保持在71℃以上。
顏色 = Olive / Beige / Black
尺碼 (H x W x D) = 約幅194mm×高さ213mm×奥行き130mm 
重量 = 約780g
生產地 = 中国
Thermo Jug KEAT is a huge vacuum insulated jug with 1.3L in volume.   The body of the kettle is a metal material with Elm grip, It's a concise Japanese style. Vacuum double-wall structure provides both heat and cold retention, can be used in all four seasons of a year. The opening of the jug is ideal for cleaning purpose as well.  

Material = 8-8 Stainless steel (main frame, lid) / Jun (main frame, lid) / Sayagi (handle) / Junji (lid) / Gold (lid, handle) / Stainless steel (lid, handle)
Capacity = 1.3L
Heat and Cold Retention = Maintain 90℃ or above for an hour, 71℃ or above for an 6 hours. 
Colour = Olive / Beige / Black
Size (H x W x D) = Width 194mm x Height 213mm x Depth 130mm
Weight = about 780g
Country of Origin = China