Brush with Bamboo

Brush with Bamboo 是由南加州Kumar家族創立的公司。 2008年,他們開始將他們的小郊區家庭轉化為有機永久性養殖園和可持續發展模式,目前每年生產5000磅食物,收穫雨水,並作為園藝學習中心。他們命名他們的房子生長之家。今天,他們還在家附近管理一個小型有機農場,通過CSA計劃為許多家庭提供健康的有機食物。與長期的家庭朋友Rich Delano合作,Brush with Bamboo成立,是家庭向可持續零廢棄生活方式轉變的一部分。

Brush with Bamboo is a company founded by the Kumar Family in Southern California. In 2008, they began the conversion of their small suburban home into an organic permaculture garden and model of sustainability that now produces 5000 pounds of food annually, harvests rainwater, and serves as a learning center for gardening. They named their house The Growing Home. Today, they also manage a small organic farm near their home that provides healthy organic food to many families through a CSA program. In partnership with long-time family friend, Rich Delano, Brush with Bamboo was founded as part of the family’s shift towards a sustainable zero-waste lifestyle.