veggiebag -普通塑料袋的可重複使用替代品!

每次去購物,你都會用雙手裝滿薄塑料袋。 一旦被使用,他們最終會進入垃圾中,並且只會對海洋等環境造成危險。但是要用什麼呢? 我們的veggiebag是完美的替代品! 簡單,方便,可重複使用!

veggiebag - The Reusable Alternative to Common Plastic Bags! 

Every time you go shopping you return with hands full of thin plastic bags. After having been used once they end up in the rubbish and only live on as a danger to our environment such as the oceans. But what to use instead?  Our veggiebag is the perfect replacement! Simple, handy and reusable!