Lexington Limited 於 1989 在香港成立, 專營各類高品質矽膠製品, 為世界各國消費者提供優質的矽膠產品。 另外, 本公司擁有獨立的產品開發團隊, 並與美國,歐洲, 香港等地世界知名的設計公司合作, 專注於時尚, 新穎, 創新和實用的高級矽膠產品開發。 創建的品牌 Lexngo, Lexnfant 和 Lexliving 涵蓋戶外, 兒童, 寵物和廚具等日常用品為滿足現代人品味生活的需求。

Lexington Limited was founded in 1989.  With more than 20 years of experience, we are specialists in contemporary product innovation. We are committed to provide stylish and unique designs to suit your lifestyle and home.

Our in-house design team draws from global consumer and client feedback to develop new and exciting products utilizing our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

With worldwide distribution, Lexington provides a full range of children, home, gift, entertain, pet and travel products with our Lexnfant, Lexliving and Lexngo brands.