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GoEat系列旨在讓您在旅途中輕鬆便捷地食用自製食品。 巧妙的食品容器系列包括隔間,可以將您的午餐元素分開,並在空置時壓縮,以便在攜帶時節省空間。 該系列包括各種容器,非常適合三明治,沙拉,湯或小吃,以及緊湊的不銹鋼餐具套裝。

The GoEat range is designed to make it easy and convenient to eat homemade food on the go. The clever range of food containers include compartments to keep your lunch elements separate and compacts down once empty to save space when carrying. The range comprises a variety of containers that are perfect for sandwiches, salads, soups or snacks, plus a compact stainless-steel cutlery set.