Rivers是一個日本經典戶外生活品牌,致力於開發針對飲料的產品。創立於2000年,品牌主力產品以咖啡杯/杯子/水壺上為主。希望透過產品提出新的生活風格與文化,能為客人創造出在日常生活中能熱忱使用的產品。而這數年間,日本品牌Undercover  Neighborhood都與Rivers聯名推出杯款、由此可見Rivers的魅力。即使不是常去戶外的人也很適合,因為放在辦公桌上也可以讓人感受到你的品味。而香港本地的McCafe都聯名推出「限量版雙層隨行杯」。

Rivers is a Japanese classic outdoor lifestyle brand dedicated to the development of products for "beverages". Founded in 2000, the brand's main products are mainly coffee mugs/cups/kettles.  Through our product, we would like to create a ew lifestyle and culture for customers’ daily life. In the past few years, the Japanese brands UNDERCOVER and NEIGHBORHOOD have jointly launched the product collaboration with Rivers, which shows the charm of Rivers. It even fits people who don't go outdoors often, because you can feel your taste on your desk. And Hong Kong's local McCafe has jointly launched the "Limited Edition Double Wall Mug".