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火龍果 Dragon Fruit (3L)

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獨特的黏扣把手設計,用一根手指就可以提起來,空出來手可以用來撐傘、接電話、牽心愛的狗狗 ; 或是將Pockeat掛在腳踏車把手上騎車。

Pockeat 大食袋 
  • 容量 =3 公升
  • 尺寸 =30 (高) x 25 (闊) 厘米
  • SGS檢驗通過 (SGS是瑞士通用公證行)
  • 100%台灣制造
  • 外袋 (聚酯纖維Polyester):內袋 (TPU可熱塑性橡膠)
  • 耐熱攝氏120度
  • 可使用洗、烘碗機
  • 不可直接火加熱
  • 不可使用微波爐
  • 不可使用蒸鍋


A person's breakfast, whether it is sandwiches, burgers, rice balls, and sesame seeds, can be eaten directly. Have the best action from the morning.

The inner bag is made of waterproof material and can be in direct contact with food. Whether it's bread, biscuits, snacks with sauce, or even soup, you can safely put it in.
The 3 liter magic space can hold up to eight breads. Let you not miss out on all kinds of food and share delicious food with more people.
As long as the adhesive strip is easily rolled, the Pockeat can vary in size depending on the contents. It’s just a matter of loading more and loading more!
The unique sticky handle design can be lifted with one finger, and the empty hand can be used to support the umbrella, answer the phone, and love the dog; or hang the Pockeat on the bicycle handlebar.
Whether it is summer to eat cool fruit, or a picnic need long-distance take-away, as long as the bottom bag is placed in a cold bag, does not take up space, does not touch food, easily extend the preservation time.

Pockeat large food bag
  • Capacity = 3 liters
  • Size = 30 (height) x 25 (wide) cm
  • SGS inspection passed (SGS is a Swiss public notary)
  • 100% made in Taiwan
  • Outer bag (Polyester): Inner bag (TPU thermoplastic rubber)
  • Heat resistant to 120 degrees Celsius
  • Washing and drying machine can be used
  • Do not heat directly
  • Do not use in microwave
  • Do not use in steamer