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BUCKET Ti 純鈦飲管 Ti Pure Titanium Straw

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純鈦 : 以輕、強度高、良好的抗腐蝕能力著稱,常用來製造火箭及太空船,又稱 「太空金屬」

- 顏色:太空灰
- 輕:0.3oz = 85.g .
- 長度:20 - 21.5cm (彎曲面積與總長,和Standand 一樣)
- 人體工學設計、流線外型
- 每支皆附送清潔擦

Titanium: It is famous for its lightness, high strength and good corrosion resistance. It is commonly used to make rockets and spacecrafts. It is also called "space metal".

Product specifications:
- Color: Space Gray
- Weight: 0.3oz = 85.g.
- Length: 20 - 21.5cm (bending area and total length, same as Standand)
- Ergonomic design, streamlined appearance
- Each cleaning brush is included