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Extended Photographic Material

Mariposa Brown 9mm

Regular price HK$700.00
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YOSEMITE CAMERA STRAP is a professional camera strap which is using actual outdoor gears.  For the rope we used 9mm diameter Made in Japan high-strength climbing.  The strap is 111cm or 105cm long with attachment ring. You can adjust the length of camera strap by looping up the strap.  Also, you can use the strap as hand strap by making the loop bigger.  Since, this rope is dry processed, it has nice hand feeling and also it would not make any creases.  YOSEMITE CAMERA STRAP is hand made by one of Japanese craftsman who has been perform perfect sewing of camera strap.  For the leather, we use cowhide leather made in USA which American tannery made tough and smooth also for the ring we use made in Japan brass ring special made of camera strap.  It is our mission to protect your camera from dropping or saving from severe environment.  YOSEMITE CAMERA STRAP will be included EPM original case.