So CLEAN 清潔抗菌噴霧/Sanitizing Spray

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容量 = 19毫升
次數 = 約50 次
保存期限 = 3年


  • 「 INTERTEK 全國公證檢驗單位 」實驗報告證實: 可有效抑制高達99.99%常見細菌。
  • 「 SGS 國際檢驗機構 」評估報告顯示: 產品安全,大人小孩皆可安心使用。

AAT* 微量噴霧技術
*Advanced Aerosol Technology



採用HPPMT*技術,使用次數多出同容量高壓噴霧2倍以上。 內容物及有效成分完全密封與環境隔離、長久保存不變質。簡潔流線設計、時尚有品味。

*High Performance Packaging Material Technology  
Effectively controls up to 99.99% of commonly seen germs. 

Volume = 19ml
Spray = 50 times (approx.) 
Preservation = 3 years

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Natural Formulation
  • Certified by INTERTEK: Effectively controls up to 99.99% of commonly seen germs.
  • Certified by SGS: Assessed as safe and suitable for both adults and children.

Advanced Aerosol Technology (AAT)
Just press once to continuously release a fine aerosol mist that can instantly and evenly cover any surface, delivering strong cleaning and sanitizing effects. Fast drying, no need to wipe!

Infused with 100% Pure Essential Oils
Natural-based herbal formulation. Soothing, refreshing, and suitable for daily usage.

Ergonomically Designed
Simple, one-hand operable design. Safety twist lock cap to prevent accidental triggering. Aerosol format for a no-mess application.

Portable and Convenient
Utilizes HPPMT* and can be used for twice as long vs. normal aerosols of the same size. Completely sealed for consistent and guaranteed quality every time it's sprayed.

*High Performance Packaging Material Technology