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Silicone Food Wraps | 4件裝矽膠保鮮膜

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Regular price HK$80.00
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  • 一套4件(2件14x14厘米和2件20x20厘米)
  • 密封性佳,可保鮮食物
  • 可水洗重複使用,代替即棄保鮮紙及錫紙
  • 清洗容易, 使用後以中性清潔劑或熱肥皂水洗淨
  • 100% FDA 食品材料及不含BPA
  • Contains 2pcs 14x14cm & 2pcs 20x20cm of stretch and seal food wraps
  • Fit for condiment bowl and cup
  • Reusable alternative to plastic wrap or foil
  • Before and repeating use, clean with neutral detergent or hot soapy water then rinse and dry thoroughly
  • 100% FDA foodgrade material and BPA free