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Vacuum Flask Stem BL是Rivers產品中最熱賣的。此保溫瓶具有非常時尚的設計外觀,有3種顏色可供選擇。 只有200克重。雙層結構可提供6個小時73℃或更上(保溫功能)和6℃或更低(冷保功能)。 500毫升的容量非常適合日常使用。

物料 = 不銹鋼(主體,銷釘)/聚丙烯 (蓋子,內塞,環)/矽橡膠(錶帶,蓋子,內塞)
容量 = 500mL
保温效果 73℃以上 (6時間)
保冷效果 = 6℃以下 (6時間)
顏色 = Tan / Silver / Black 
尺碼 (H x W x D) = 約80mm × 225mm × 70mm
重量 = 200g (安裝了皮帶後230g)
生產地 = 中国
Vacuum Flask STEM BL is one of the hottest products of River Drinkware.  This thermal bottle has a very modern design look with 3 colours choice.  It is only 200g heavy.  The double wall structure provides 6 hours both at 73℃ or above (hot retention) and at 6℃ or below (cold retention).  The 500ml volume is ideal for day-to-day use. 

Material = Stainless steel (body, ring) / polypropylene (cover, inner plug, belt, hook) / polyester (velcro, label) / silicone rubber (cover, inner plug)
Capacity = 500mL
Hot Retention = 73°C or above (6 hours)
Cold Retention = 6°C or less (6 hours)
Colour = Tan / Silver / Black
Size (H x W x D) = 80mm x 225mm x 70mm
Weight = about 200g (230g if the belt is on)
Country of Origin = China